-Large scale Portrait Painting Workshop in brooklyn, ny-

~November 18-22, 2019 (sold out)



Baugh has long been known for painting youth and beauty through the female form. In his recent body of paintings, Fractured Faces, he bends the concept of beauty by separating the elements of paint and celebrates shattering textures, harsh lines and bold color

In each piece, the surface of the skin itself has been separated into shards of heavy impasto strokes often in saturated colors of pure primary cadmium reds, oranges and cobalt blues that lay almost abstractly over what the viewer feels should be soft skin. The opposing forces throw the eye into an almost conflicted mindset creating an emotional brutality that amplifies each part. As time passes, the viewer has to decide which direction to go as each opposing feeling pull the eye in different yet equally parallel emotions. Some viewers feel the soft beauty in the subject matter while others can only feel the heavy weight of texture , sharp lines and saturated color, but regardless, a choice is forced upon the viewer to decide whether to feel broken or whole. Baugh does not let us rest in the middle. 

In this special 5-day workshop, students will explore a wide variety of new techniques while working on large format portrait paintings in Brooklyn, NY. With Baugh, students will learn new ways of using texture, splatters, and broken color to create a dynamic large scale portrait. Students will also be working with a model on gathering photographic reference as well as working with the computer on creative concepts for the painting.

Space is very limited and is expected to fill fast. The workshop is limited to 10 students. The class is open to all skill levels in oil or acrylic.


workshop Schedule

Monday - 10am - 5pm Baugh covers prep work for large scale canvases. Planning the painting and working with a model. Lighting, computer preliminaries and sketches.

Tuesday - 10am - 5pm Baugh demos on large canvas. Explores various techniques and paint applications.

Wednesday - 10am- 5pm Students work on their canvases under Baugh’s instruction.

Thursday - 10am- 5pm Students continue to work on their canvases under Baugh’s instruction.

Friday - 10am - 5pm Baugh covers how to finish a painting. Discussion on the business of art. Marketing talk.

* Students will also be invited to join baugh at his home for a private dinner Monday evening.

Workshop is limited to 10 Students. Workshop fee - $1300

November 18-22, 2019 (sold out)

Email workshop@caseybaugh.com with any questions or to be added to the waiting list

*Workshop fee is non-refundable

The exact address and supply list will be given to students after sign up.

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