The ‘Fractured Faces’ series explores human perspective. This is done by the juxtaposition of softly portrayed beauty underneath harsh textures and intense color. The opposing forces throw the eye into an almost conflicted mindset that amplifies each part. The viewer is forced to choose which path to take but has nowhere to rest in the middle all the while feeling both possibilities. All of this represents human perspective and the idea that no matter how beautiful or serene a scenario, there is an equal and opposing situation that is just as likely lying just on the surface.


"Granite Gaze" 36x24" Oil on canvas (SOLD)

IMG_2339 2.jpg

"Circumnavigation" 30x20" Oil on canvas (SOLD)

_A1A7423 2.JPG

"Images Imprisoned Within You" 60x40" Oil on canvas (SOLD)


"Serenity" 72x48" Oil on canvas (SOLD)

_A1A9023 2.JPG

"Where Thoughts are Chased Away" 48x36" Oil on canvas (SOLD)


"Fire in Her Eyes" 60x60" Oil on Canvas (SOLD)

on the wall2b.jpg

"Fragments in Monochrome Red" 72x48" Oil on canvas (SOLD)


"What if all the Sleepers are Wrong?" 60x60" Oil on canvas (SOLD)


"Your Essay was to My Poems as Reality is to a Dream" 54x54" Oil on canvas (SOLD)


"You Gaze: and the Landscape Splits in Two" 60x40" Oil on canvas (SOLD)

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"Fear of the Inexplicable" 60x40" Oil on canvas (Available)


"Is it Better to be Loved or Understood?" 14x14" Oil on Canvas (SOLD)

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"Out on the Heart Slopes" 42x30" Oil painting on canvas (SOLD)