Workshop is limited to 14 attendees. 

(Strict no-refund policy. Cancelations will be given full credit for any future classes)

casey baugh teaching

take your painting skills to the next level in this This exclusive 4-day painting workshop in hollywood california.

For over 10 years, casey baugh has been educating and inspiring artists of all levels with instructional classes across the country. Whether you’re a passionate enthusiast or professional painter, baugh helps you explore & expand your skills on any canvas. Join baugh in discovering & sharing new techniques, smart tips, great fun and true passion.

 This workshop will focus on creating a figure and portrait painting from the early stages of setup to the finishing strokes. Alongside Baugh, students will be working from both live models and computer screens while they are guided through various ways of handling oil paint in order to create a finished piece. Baugh will also discuss his way of seeing value, drawing and edge as well as composition theory and design. 

The workshop is limited to 14 students.



This workshop will be located in a secluded and SPACIOUS venue in Hollywood.  known for its rich history in film, music and art, this luxurious hollywood space is the perfect location for painting and art discussion. 

*The venue is CONVENIENTLY located with nearby parking. The exact address for the venue will be given to attendees who have secured a space in the class.

Supply list and schedule:



Paints: (Casey recommends Rembrandt Oil paint)

Titanium white

Kings Blue

Indian yellow or transparent oxide yellow

Cadmium Yellow Light

Cadmium Orange

Cadmium Red

Alizarin Crimson

Transparent Oxide Red

Ivory black


Cobalt Blue

Ultramarine Blue Deep


Mineral Spirits:

Gamsol or Turpenoid 



Casey Recommends Rosemary & co brushes. His personal set can be purchased through or at



2 or more canvases oil or lead primed smooth as possible. In sizes 12x16, 16x2o" (approx)



Casey Recommends the "Paintbook" portable easel with accessories made by



(It is necessary that each student brings a camera and laptop or ipad)



Monday 11-6pm - Baugh will demo. 

Tuesday 11-6pm- Students will paint alongside Baugh with his instruction. 

Wednesday 11-6pm- Demo #2 by Baugh. 

Thursday 11-6pm -  Students paint. "The business of art" discussion by Baugh at the end. Auctioning of Baugh's Painting Demos

Models for the class: